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Fire Knife Dancers For Hire

For Any Event & Any Occasion On Maui, Oahu, and Hawaii Island

Tantilizing... Fire Knife Dancers & Polynesian Drummers


(15-30 minute performance depending upon amount of performers)

Fire Dancers can perform with music or live drums

Our Fire Knife dancers will amaze and tantilize you with a visual feast of burning Fire Knife Dancing. All of our Fire Knife Dancers have come from generations of Fire Dancers and have been trained traditionally. Hire our Fire Knife Dancers for your wedding, birthday party or any event you want to make special with Fire!


Available to accompany Fire Knife Dancers or Tahitian dancers. Live drumming is always recommended, as it creates a fuller sound, really setting off the Fire Knife performance. Drums take the Fire Knife performance to a whole nother level!

Origins of Fire Dancing

In Hawaii and throughout all of Polynesia… Fire is Pele. Forests bursting into flame, crackling and burning as fiery molten lava flows over the land, devouring the earth, cleansing… bringing new life. Hawaii Hula Company honors the more recent tradition of Samoan Fire Knife Dancing, it is as thrilling as it is dangerous. The origin of this magnificent spectacle is credited to Freddie Letuli of Samoa. During his career as a dancer in San Francisco, Letuli was inspired by a fire-eater and another performer who twirled Batons lit with fire. His creative mind envisioned the two arts as one, he borrowed some fuel from the fire-eater, wrapped towels around his knife and lit the blaze! It was the birth of Samoan Fire Knife Dancing.

Fire Knife dancing spread thoughout the land and was used as a cultural practice which began with proving a warrior's prowess. The skill it requires to twirl, throw, catch and dance with a Fire Knife is what captures the attention of any Polynesian show. Many Polynesian Cultures have adopted this practice into their own over time.

Hawaii Hula Company is proud to represent the premier Fire Knife Dancing professionals on Maui, Oahu, and Hawaii Island. When the drums play and you see that first spark of fire to the corner of the stage, you are hooked. Drawn in to the mystery and the visual feast before you, you don't want to blink in fear you will miss a moment of the spectacle.

Fire Knife dancers are rare outside of a Luau finale. To go to a luau and see it as the last act of the night among the other 585 guests is a good time, but imagine having our Fire Knife dancers performing just for you and your guests. Spinning and twirling Fire Knives ablaze with fire into the night sky. The exciting beat of the live Polynesian drums echoing through the night air…Can you feel it? Can you hear the drums?

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