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wedding setting altar on beach
Surprise Wedding Proposal
Craig called us with an unusual request... He needed a special surprise proposal and wanted Hawaii Hula Company to be a part of it. His girlfriend, Melissa was a dancer and had a love of Hula and he wanted to incorporate that into his surprise.
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hula dancers holding lei
Tahitian Entertainment
Hello and come near! Join us as we take you on a journey through the beautiful islands of Tahiti. There are many attractions that come from the islands of Tahiti, the sweet fragrance of the Tiare flower, the fast drumbeats of the To'ere drum, lastly the beautiful vahine and strong tane.
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hula dancers dancing
Tips for Hiring Musicians & Dancers
Congratulations! You are engaged and now dreaming about how to make your special day your own. Once your have chosen your venue, choosing Entertainment can be next up on the list...
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bachelorette group photo in hawaii after hula lesson
Hula Bachelorette Party
When one thinks of a destination wedding it most likely involves a tropical drink and a gorgeous sunset. Hawaii is amongst one of the top destination wedding spots in the world. So when your thinking of planning your special day you want to incorporate all that paradise has to offer.
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beautiful hula dancer in the sunset on the beach
A Day in the Life of a Professional Hula Dancer
Many professional Hula Dancers of Hawaii spend their day performing at multiple events, engaging with people from around the world, and graciously sharing the aloha spirit.
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female and male polynesian dancers in costumes
Polynesian Dances
The beautiful and cultural islands of Polynesia have many forms of song and dance. However, each dance is associated with a specific island group, and is special to a specific culture.
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close-up of hula skirt
Hula Costumes
Just as you would dress accordingly for the weather, a Hula Dancer dresses accordingly for the type of song he or she performs. Costumes are an immense part of preparing for any performance.
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beach front with wood path in maui
Hawaii Vacation Tips
It goes without saying, that Hawaii, is beautiful beyond measure, so get out there and enjoy it. Wear sunscreen, buy some flip flops (In Hawaii, take note, we call them slippers) and go take a dip in the ocean, a hike up the mountain, what ever floats your boat! Literally even!
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family learning hula with hula dancer
5 Reasons to Take a Hula Lesson
Congratulations! You booked the dream Hawaiian vacation, and you're currently in the works of fine-tuning the details. How many islands should you visit? Where should you stay? Most importantly, what activities will you be partaking in?
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close-up of lei flower garlands
Lei: A Gift of Love
Lei are often worn by Hula Dancers during performances. You have probably seen beautiful lei made of various colorful flowers, kukui nuts, t-leaf, shells or even seeds. But what is the true meaning of a lei?
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wedding couple getting married on beach
Destination wedding on Maui
We have a lot of bookings and are not able to take the time we would like to share about all our events, but once and a while, we like to highlight an event on our website.
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<three waterfalls in hawaii island
Hawaiian Proverbs
Hawaiian proverbs and poetical sayings or commonly known as 'Olelo No'eau are one of the many ways in which the Hawaiian people kept their culture, their history, and their stories.
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