The Essence of Hula

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The Essence of Hula

"Hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." Kumu Hula George Na'ope

Hula encompasses all aspects of Hawaiian Culture and embraces the History of the Hawaiian people. Hula is an dance-style art form which is accompanied by music or oli (chanting). It dates back to the original Hawaiians who settled in Hawaii many many hundreds of years ago. The Hula allows the story of the mele (song) to be told through dance. Using hand motions and foot steps, dancers are able to portray the story or meaning visually. Dancers tell the story of the waves crashing on the shoreline or the gentle breeze in the trees with effortless grace due to years of passionate practice.

There are two main categories in Hula. Hula Kahiko (Ancient Hula) and Hula Auana (Modern Hula). Hula Kahiko, is hula which dates back to pre-western contact. Hula Kahiko is accompanied by oli (chant), traditional implements and traditional instruments. Following Western contact and influence, the modern style of Hula Auana was formed. Hula Auana is accompanied by mele (music) with modern instruments such as guitar and ukulele, oli (chant), and modern implements.

Hula is Hawaii… Inspired by Hawaii, Made by Hawaiians.

Hawaii Hula Company exists to carry on the tradition of Hula, perpetuating the culture in an authentic and professional manner so that Hawaii's people are able to tell their story. Generations of young and old, those who live here and visitors to Hawaii, we welcome you to experience for your self the skillful and beautiful traditions of Hawaii… through our Hula and Hawaiian entertainment services.